Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Steen Wax Museum

25-June- 2013
   The Steen School third  grade class held Wax Museum on Tuesday. This was held in the  Steen flower garden, in the inner court of the of the school. The students of Ms.  Piano, and Ms. Moschella  had a choice of whose biography they could read, and  five facts about that person they could recite. Then the students had to create a costume that represented the person that had learned about.  The students were then assigned places in the garden to stand and wait for visitors to come by. With a push of a button  the characters would then "come to life" and tell the listener one fact about themselves.
   Some of the facts that were learned are:
- Helen Keller's deaf  & blindness  were the  caused from a illness she had at 19 months of age.
- Harriet Tubman was herself a slave, and then travel back to the southern United States and lead even more slaves to freedom.
- John Kennedy served in the U.S. Navy in World War II years before  running for President.
- Eugenie  Clark is a marine Biologist who studies sharks.
- Babe Ruth use to put cabbage under his cap to stay cool.
-Roberto  Clemente was the first Hispanic American elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame , and has a bridge named after him in Pittsburgh Penna.
This is an annual event at Steen school which not only helps students learn facts, but really makes History come alive.
 The Steen Flower Garden turned into a Wax Museum.

 Anton as President Lincoln 

Spencer as Roberto Clemente

Vanessa as Helen Keller

 Nicole as Sacagawea 

Savannah as Harriet Tubman

 Ruby Bridges (L) Anne Frank, Roberto Clemente, and Albert Einstein
 waiting to tell visitors facts  about their life.  

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