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Bogota High School Class of 2013

29- June- 2013
    On Friday the Bogota High School Class of 2013 held their Commencement Ceremonies in Speary Gym.  The Senior Class comprised 97 students representing at 84th graduating class in the History of Bogota High School.  Salutatory speaker Mr. Nicolas Estrella talk about how his speech this day maybe forgotten in the future, but what is more important the experiences leading up to this day.  Lessons learned , then discarded,  worries that seemed so important at the time, now apparently  laughable at, and other almost trivia items that have come & gone.  But the friendships, some that have been forged over a lifetime, while other only possible because of the shared experiences of being a High School student, will last in ones mind well into the future.
   Valedictorian Ms. Frailine Gliozzi   talked about first entering school as a young , and naive Seventh Grader trying to find her way amongst  a sea of upperclassmen trying to fit in. How six years in the same building, doing the same thing would seem to take forever. Then to stand in front of her follow student , and be one of those Seniors happened almost in a blink of an eye. Experiences never even thought of before are now apart of ones personality. Find  new friends, new ideas, and sometime new loves that could not be predicted, what is now six short years ago.   Ms. Gliozzi congratulated her classmates on the goals they have achieved, and good luck in their future endeavors. She also took the time to thank all of the Faculty, and staff       of the High School for their patience in trying to help a bunch of teenage learn something ( even it had to be done more than once). Ms. Gliozzi  needed to mention Counselor  Ms. Pertrosino  by name to show her the appreciation of her, and other students had for all of Ms. Pertrosino's help in being a High School Student.
  Ms. Gliozzi then thanked all the Parents for the pushing they had to do to make their students better. All the caring and support they gave their children, and all the love they showed to their kids without condition. Ms. Gliozzi used the moment to thank her own Mother personally.
    This ceremony was also a time to thank, and wish well two teachers who are also moving on after their time in Bogota High School. Ms. Natalie Benyo  who chaired the World Language Department talked how her parents immigrated of Ukraine to find a better life for their family. And how she was proud of the fact that she could help the children of other immigrate families learn a new language, and customs of the land they moved to in order to also have a better life.
  Also retiring was Mr. Tom Trochanowski the chair of the school's Language Arts Department. He recalled in order to become a Senior they had to pass through his  Freshmen English class. He hope that the lessons of reading " old books" had become clearer as they became more mature.  He used one example: that   "MacBeth may have gotten what he wanted, but at a price he did not expect." In teaching that a goal a person may have needs to come with the work, planing, and dedication to achieve that goal in a positive way. Mr. Trochanowski also acknowledge those Seniors who had taken the time to attend his poetry workshop with his own work that included all of their names. He then thanked the Faculty & Staff for their help and support. Then congratulated the Class of 2013. The Seniors thanked him by standing, and applauding Mr. Trochanowski  as he return to his seat.
   Principal Linda Gattuso presented the  2013 Graduating Class of Bogota High School to the Board of Education, and awarded them with their Diplomas. Then  in his final act as Class President Mr. James Lee lead the Seniors in moving their tassels to the other side of their Caps in a sign of their status as Graduates.

 Caps & Gown waiting to be worn

  Ashley Granquist  (L) & Elizabeth O'Brien and..

.. Deanna Brugger (L) & Casey Murphy show off their Caps

 Seniors waiting to start the processional.

 Salutatorian Nicholas Estrella  giving his address.

 Tom Trochanowski  addressing the Seniors. 

Natalie Benyo addressing the Seniors.

Principal Linda Gattuso (R) introducing Valedictorian Frailine Gliozzi. 

 Ms. Gliozzi giving her Valedictory Address.

Principal Linda Gattuso presenting the Bogota High School Class of 2013

 The Graduates celebrating.


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