Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mystery Dinner

  On Friday night the Bogota Drama Club co-hosted the 1st Annual Mystery Solvers Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies. This was presented by the International Association of Mystery Solvers (I.A.M.S.). This was a gathering of decedents of some of the famous fictional detectives of all time.  The three finals all had a chance to speak. Members from the families of Agatha Christie, Richard Diamond , & Sherlock Homes all address the gathering to speak for their famous relatives.  The Banquet did have a few mishaps as Foster Homes went to accept the honor  on behave of the well know detective , a the Great Niece of Dr. John Watson  spoke  out on how history has treated her families past.  Out going  I.A.M.S. President Nathan Wimberly  tried to calm the situation down , and continued with the event. Unfortunately after a sudden  loud crash from the back of the room, and a mysterious black-out  President Wimberly was found slumped over the podium no longer alive. The name sake of the  famous detectives then went to work to find out " Who-Dunit".   After some false leads, red herrings, and the untimely poisoning of   Agatha Preakness, the younger Watson, & Homes deduced that Police Chief Harley Stanton had gotten back for the years of frustration by the Police Department over time, have faced while watching as these detectives take all the credit for solving some of the more notably crimes of fiction past.
Twins Bonnie & Binnie Bobbsey  act -up before dinner.
(Lauren Krayniak, Maria Van Tine)

Event Planner Mary Gardener trying to start the Banquet.
( Emily Inserra)

I.A.M.S. President opening the meeting.
(Noah Gittleman)

 New I.A.M.S. President Claudette Pindu (R) trying to get Agatha Preakness attention.
(Nicole Urena & Zoe Urbino)

Jenny Watson (L)  arguing with New I.A.M.S. President Claudette Pinduh
( Katie Fafara &Nicole Urena) 

Foster Homes(L) & Chief Harley Stanton discover the body.
( Kyle McDermott &  Janet Dupree)

 The detectives disagreeing with Chief Stanton

Jack Diamond offer his theory or the crime
( Michael Heck)

Jenny Watson Accusing Chief Station of the murder.
(Katie Fafara & Janet Dupree)

 Chief Station being lead away.

 Ms. Hughes (L) & Ms. Albirt with there gift from their acting students.

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