Saturday, June 15, 2013

Clean -up

   A small group of Bogota residents gave their time to help keep Bogota a nicer place to live.  Two members of the Bogota Green Team, Danielle Fede &  Robert Beutel, were joined by Business Administrator Chip Griener, and Tina Trotta. The four took on the challenge of  cleaning out the part of the creek that runs next to Elm Ave, near River Rd.  Ms. Trotta & Mr. Griener donned water proof gear and had the job of wading into the creek and pulling out the trash, and other object that could block the creek. They the handed the debris to their partners standing on the embankment.  Ms. Fede & Mr. Beutel would then bag the smaller items and place the larger one at the curbside in order the Bogota DPW  could follow them later and remove the trash effectively.  Some of the more unusually items  were parts of old Air Conditioners, a set of wind chines,  and half a skate board.  The most unique item was a gift  card of unknown value  ( some joke that it could go to help out with refreshments for the next clean-up). The most annoying item was that fact that bagged dog waste was thrown into the creek. On many levels that something that could be deposed of  so simply, and properly would just to tossed into a water in a non-degradable bag and left to pollute the water was unacceptable. Of the item removed from the creek ALL can be deposed of  safely  in the Borough of Bogota. Trash is pick-up at least once a week ( twice a week during the Summer).  Plastic  bottles, metal, and cardboard are to be recycled on their scheduled day. Even large item like the Air Conditioners are treated as " white metal" and can be pick-up on the last Friday of the Month.
   This creek was the latest  clean-up project by the Bogota Green Team.  Ms. Fede also organizes clean-up of the shore of the Hackensack River, and the ramps on , and off Interstate- 80  Bogota exit # 67. Ms. Fede
talked about how the creek has been cleaner then in years past, but also warns it could be that the rains over the last few weeks may have just washed the problem away to somewhere else. Mr. Griener, a lifetime resident of Bogota, remembers how his Mother used to warn him not to go into the creek. But feels better that he is doing now to help keep it clean. For more information on how to help keep Bogota clean & healthy  The Environmental Committee meets every 4th Wed. at 7:30p in the Council Chambers, and the Green Team meets at 6:30p every 3rd Thursday before the regular Council Meetings. The Bogota Green team will also have a booth at this years Bogota Day 2013  on Sat. 29- June.

 Daniele Fede (L) & Robert Beutel  arranging the debris  to be pick up by Bogota DPW later.

Robert Beutel (L) taking trash from Chip Griener.

Chip Griener. (L) & Tina Trotta  

 Daniele Fede (R) & Robert Beutel   bagging the smaller items

Chip Griener. (R) & Tina Trotta  wadding through the creek.

Chip Griener. (L) & Tina Trotta showing pride in ones home state
 begins in ones home town.

Volunteers taking a break from the clean-up 

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