Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Application Day


   On an early Saturday  9-May  Students lined up in front of the W. Broad St. Firehouse  to get an application to be apart of the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy Class 05.  The application were handed out starting at 7:00a. The first potential Cadets started lining up at 5:00a First on line was Jullian Garcia along with his friend  Carlos Bueluas both of whom are looking to be accepted into Class 05.   Before the doors to the Firehouse were open approximately  50-60 young Women & Men from Bogota Schools were on hand to get an application. By the end of the day over 100 applicants had registered. The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy Class 05 will only accept between 52 Students to be Cadets in Class 05. Applications must be returned to the Bogota Police Dept. Headquarters  before 7:00p om Saturday 16-May. The Police Headquarters are located at W. Broad St side of Borough Hall. The Academy will run from Thursday 16- July to Tuesday 28-July.
   Students will be notified in June about who will be chosen to enter Class 05. A $75 supply fee will be  charged to those who are accepted. Payments will be due at one of the two mandatory  Parent orientation meetings.
   The Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy  is becoming one of the finest summer Youth Academies in the State of New Jersey. During their duty day at the Academy Cadets will learn about the skills & requirements to be a member of any of the Emergency Services that serves Bogota. Demonstrations and classes in Police, Fire, EMS, Rescue and other will be part of the Academy. There will also be instructions in personal development, along with a chance to mature as a person. For more information, or any question please visit their website at: bpesya.org

Jullian Garcia & Carlos Buelus being first in line.

Sgt Lynch talking to those in line..

...and return Cadets..

...and first time applicants..

... and some Parents.

 Rey Sanchez interviewing graduate Cadet about what they
 remember from the Academy .

Along with what  first time Students on what it
  might like about being accepted as a Cadet.

Anna Ferris registering  Students for applications 

And getting help from Sgt Lynch.

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