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   Starting next week the Bogota Dept. of Public Works will begin their Summer trash collection schedule. This will be the twice weekly collection  from May until October.  For those who live on the Western section of the Bogota collection for  garbage & bulky waste will be Monday & Thursday. On Thursday  there will be a collection for properly bagged yard waste. The collection schedule for the Eastern section of the Borough will be Tuesday & Friday. Friday will be a collection for properly bagged yard waste. Wednesday remains recycling day for the entire Borough. The first Wednesday 6- May  will be paper and cardboard  collection. Wednesday 13- May will be plastic, aluminum, & metal pick-up. The it will alternate every other week. On Monday 25- May will be Memorial Day and there will be no collection that day. For more information please visit the Offical Bogota  website at:

Starting Friday 15- May to Monday 18- May Bixby School will hold it's Spring clothing drive. They will be accepting wearable & usable used clothing. Along with shoes, which must be bagged separately, belts, handbags and other fashion accessories. Fabric household item, blankets, towels sheets etc. will also be accepted.  Stuffed animals, hard toys, and bike can also be donated. All items should be place on the blue tarp that will be located in front of Bixby School on the Fisher Ave. side at Chestnut St.  The donation to the school will be determined by the pound. For more information please use the email address of; 

  At the 28- April Bogota Board of Education meeting  the proposed  changing the winter break for the next school year was adopted. This was first mentioned at a Board of Education meeting in March. The previous model was having a Winter break starting on  Monday 15- Feb and lasting until Friday  19- February.  Under this model the school year would end on Tuesday 28- June. The new  calender is having Monday & Tuesday 15-& 16 February off in observance of Presidents Day. Then the last day of school would be on Thursday 25-June. 
     Superintendent  Dr. Letizia Pantoliano has addressed this issue before saying the the Winter break is a buffer in case of needed days due to weather related school closures. She also added that the school year could be shorten in the case of unused weather days during the course of the year.  Many Parents have question the Winter break as an added burden to Parents with younger Students who need to arrange supervision during that time.
   The Board accepted the retirement of Bixby principal Robert Watts effected on 1- May, no replacement was recommended at this time. The Board also voted to hire Kevin Bayani as new Head Football Coach.
  The Board also passed a budget with a 1.01%  tax increase instead of the 2% originally planned.
   The next scheduled Board of Education meeting will be on Tuesday 12- May 


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