Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Cleanings

    On Saturday 2- May there were a number of Spring cleanings, along with the planting of flowers to brighten up a Bogota May. The first cleaning happened early in the morning as Volunteer from Jersey Cares went to the Bogota  VFW Post  #5561 to help remove old leaves, and other debris from around the post.  They started with clearing the curb side at the West Shore Ave. entrance and across the street near the Railroad tracks. Mounds of leaves, and dirt not touched in year were bagged and remove. This will now help with  better parking,  because vehicles can pull further into the parking spaces opening up the travel lane on West Shore Ave.
   They next  focused on the open space between  the Post and the old American Legion Hall. The VFW has been granted access to that space as long as it maintained.  The VFW is hoping to use it as an open area for relaxation and possible grilling for it's members.  The Volunteers then moved to the Leonia Ave entrance to  give that a good cleaning as well. This is another way the post #5561 hall is moving forward to become a more desirable banquet hall.  The importance of both entrance was evident that evening when the Upper Hall on Leonia Ave hosted the Steen PTO event, and the West Shore Ave entrance was used for a private at the same time.

  Later that morning Volunteers helped Bogota Beautiful do their Spring planting of the Planters on W. Main St.  The Planters were clean of the old flowers from Earth Day in April.  This allowed members from the Bogota Rescue Squad  to quickly dig holes for the new Dwarf Pines that will be the Centrepiece of the planters. The the Volunteer added Purple Petunias and Gold Marigold and other plants to  give W.Main St. a colourful look for Spring and Summer.  The purchase of the plants, soil, and mulch  was made possible with the process from Bogota Beautiful's pancake breakfast, also at the  VFW Post #5561 hall, earlier in the year. To find out how to donate to Bogota Beautiful or information about their next projects please go to www.bogotabeautiful.com

   A different type of Spring Planting happen at the same time as the Bogota Public Library  hosted a Mother's Day origami workshop. Students, and some adults  learned to make a colourful bouquet of flowers from paper to last year round. To learn more about other events please visit their website at :  http://www.bogotapubliclibrary.org/

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