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31- May-2015

    On Saturday  30- May the Bogota Police Emergency  Services Youth Academy  held a fundraising dinner for Class 05.  This was held at the Bogota VFW post #5561 hall and allowed graduate and future Cadets along with their Families  a chance to meet and have a Saturday dinner together. Some instructors were also on hand to  join in the festivities along with a raffle. Director Sgt Craig Lynch  talked about the importance of social events like these to keep the bond Cadets formed at the Academy strong and to introduce the Academy to future Cadets.  Top Cadet from Class 01 & Class 04 were introduced. Cindy Perpepaj, the first Top Cadet from class 01 and  Roman Maure, the latest Top Cadet from Class 04 greeted the attendees. Next Program Coordinator Anna Ferris introduced the newest addition to the Academy  Program, an intern program started last year.  This year the intern are working with the Academy from the very beginning in order to learn what is needed to get the Academy ready for Class 05.The Youth Academy is open to Middle School Students in Bogota, The intern program is available for High School Student to help them learn real world management & organizational skills. This was started as way to have graduated Cadet stay as part of the Academy , but is also open to any High School who wishes to apply. The intern will also receive Community Credit for their work with the Academy. Some of the interns are Academy Graduates while other are not.
   Another new idea this year was the introduction the first ten recruits  for Class 05.  Sgt. Lynch talked about this is another way to make the dinner more of an event and a way to get the newest recruit join with Graduates. It was stress that this would only be the first ten. I an application name was not called they still were being considered to one of the other 42 opening in Class 05. The ten young Women & Men joined Sgt. Lynch, Miss Anna, and Police Chief John Burke  on stage on their first steps to be apart of one of the finest Youth Academies in Northern New Jersey. The Academy will be informing  the other applicants of their status in the coming weeks.
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