Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fire Dept. Inspection

27- May-2015

    Early in the morning of 25-May the Bogota Volunteer Fire Department along with the Volunteer First Aid Squads & Rescue Squad turned out in front of Borough Hall to be inspected by Mayor Chris Keleman  and members of Council.  The Borough official were given a tour of each rescue vehicle and shown what type of equipment is on board and their useage.  The Fire dept was first with,the members of each company welcoming the officials in front of their vehicles. This allowed the Elected members of  the local Government to personally meet and thank the Firefighters from their work over the past year. The Captain from each Company explaining about their how they perform when on a call.  Some of the newest Council members apologised for the amount of questions being asked, and the Captains were happy to answer all of them so the officials could understand the workings of the Volunteers Departments. The Captains talk about how new equipment is performing, how existing equipment is handling and what needs to be replaced or updated.  The Fire Dept. were also inspected by officials from the Bergen County Fire Chief's Association on their appearance, maintenance & knowledge of their equipment.  
    Bogota officials then inspected the members of both the First Aid & Rescue Squads. This again was to review the equipment and to see how it is use. This was also the first time the newest of the First Aid Squad Ambulance would be closely inspected. Mayor Keleman took the time to go into the new unit and see for himself  what improvements have been made. One piece of equipment that has been upgraded with the new unit is lighter, and easier operated stretcher.  The Mayor felt the weight of both the newer  and older stretcher and noticing the newer one should help with  the way the Volunteers  can offer assistance in an emergency. Members of the First Aid Squad did inform the Mayor & Council that their " Turn-out" uniforms are well past the 15 year usefulness and are looking for an upgrade when possible.
   After all the inspections were concluded both departments took a moment to honour the members who have lost their lives during the call of duty.  This was lead by St.Joseph's Pastor Rev. Tim Graff. 
  The Bogota Fire Dept.  along with the Rescue and First aid Squads are all volunteer   organizations. They are made of of Residents from Bogota and neighboring communities.  For more information about volunteering please to to  or call; 201-342-1736 ext. 2007. 

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