Sunday, May 10, 2015

Council Awards


    On Thursday 7-May  Bogota Mayor Chris Keleman and the Bogota Borough Council presented Certificates of Achievement to a number of Students from Bogota.  Mayor Keleman talked about how these Students show the best of the Borough of Bogota has to offer. The first group to be honoured were Student from Bogota High School who have be awarded a place in the National Honor Society. The National Honor Society annually recognizes those students who have  demonstrated excellence in Leadership, Character, Community Service, along with Academic Achievement.  Seventeen Students from Bogota High School are part of the National Honor Society for the school year 2014-15.
   The next Students to be awarded certificates were those from St. Joseph's School. These ten Student have been placed into the National Junior Honor Society. This also recognizes the same qualities in Student but,  for the Middle School grades.
  The Final group honoured where the three winners of the Miss Bogota 2015 Pageant.  They were Talia Luciano for Little Miss Bogota, Emalia Samouhos as Miss Teen Bogota, and Caitlynn Alavarez on being Miss Bogota 2015.

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