Tuesday, February 14, 2012


   A small group of parents attended the NJCAP meeting at Bixby School on Monday. This was a parent program held by  New Jersey Child Assault Prevention. The program had a few different functions to it . First is was to introduce the parents to NJCAP , and inform them of who & what they are. NJCAP is a project to teach children how to recognize and prevent dangerous situation that may occur in life. One of those main points is that a child has the right to feel safe growing-up, and it is alright to protect them selves from danger. Even if means telling  a trusted Adult that another Adult, or even friends are making them feel unsafe.
  The next item was to help parents listen, and try to understand the feeling of children, no matter what the age, that something is wrong in their daily life and how the Adult can help make the situation better & safer.
  Another item was to explain to the Parents on what the NJCAP program will be like when it is given in both Bixby, and Steen Schools. There was also a member of the TeenCAP to talk with the parents of older & teenage children.
  For more information about this program please go to www.njcap.org
Debbie Tedino explaining what NJCAP is to the attending parent

Ms. Tedino talking to a group of Grade School parents about child safety.

Bert Meyers explaining to the Grade School parent what the in school program will be like.

Clare Laporte talking with the parents of teenage children about the Teen CAP  program

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