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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Safety Award

27- March-2014
   Bogota Blog NJ has been informed that the Borough of Bogota has won the 2013 Gold award from South Bergen Municipal Joint Insurance Fund. This is the top safety award given by the 27 members of the SBJIF. The following statement was sent to Bogota Blog NJ by Bogota Borough Amministor August Greiner:  

  As of, this morning the Borough of Bogota was awarded the top safety award for 2013, the Gold Award at the annual South Bergen Municipal Joint Insurance Fund meeting at the Stony Hill Inn.  Bogota edged out 27 municipalities to win the top award which comes with a $2,000.00 check.  The Borough also received the award for 50% reduction in loss time accidents for 2013.  This award comes with a $500.00 check.  I would like to thank my “Bogota Safety Team” made up of all our borough department heads led by DPW Superintendent Gordon Kohles who worked very hard last year to bring our injury losses down and increase our safety awareness and in turn win these two top awards. 

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