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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Youth Academy Dinner

23- March-2014

    The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy held a fundraising dinner for Class #04 which will take place in Summer of 2014. Staff and past Cadets gathered at the Bogota VFW Hall to meet and talk about their experiences as part of the Youth Academy.  Bogota Police Chief John Burke thanked those who attended the dinner, which goes to help make the Youth Academy a self sufficient organization. Program Coordinator Anna Ferris  Took some time to thank others who have helped in different ways. Some of the groups she mention was Bixby School PTA for making a donation to help fund  Class #04. The High School PTO for their support during the year. Dr Letizia Pantoliano and the Bogota Board of Education  for their support, along with the continual use of their buildings during the summer while the Academy is in session. Ms Ferris took time to mention those who help  with the evening dinner from Jim Moore  for providing soda & chips to some of the parent who help with the set-up along with providing assistance in serving.
    For the overall support of the Youth Academy itself she thanked Chief  Burke, and other local law enforcement agencies to allow their officers schedule their vacation time so they could be instructors for the Youth Academy. Ms. Ferris also took the time to present the Instructors, who volunteer their time to train the Cadets. Some of the other people she wanted to thank was current Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson, who started his support of the Youth Academy from the beginning as head of the Bogota OEM, along with  former & current members of  Bogota Borough Council which  has allowed the Academy the use of public parks for part of the Cadet training. She had thanks for Bogota Blog NJ for it's covering of the Youth Academy over the years. Ms. Ferris most heartfelt thanks  was giving to the  Women & Men who have attended & graduated from the  Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy. Starting with Class #01 which laid the groundwork for the Academy , and Classes # 02 & #03 for building on that foundation and helping the Academy to continue to grow.  Then Ms. Ferris made a special  mention to all the Parents of the Cadets  who support their children in, physical,  financial, and most important emotional ways to help the Cadets make it through the two weeks of Academy training. She acknowledge what the Parent need to do from getting the next days uniform ready to wear, getting the Cadets to the School on time, and to be at home when the stress of a full day at the Academy may start to overwhelm the Cadets.
   When Director Sgt. Craig Lynch spoke he first introduced two of the top Cadets from Class #02 & #03. Jacklyn Villiafuerte of Class #02 and  Olivia Toutounjian of Class #03. MissToutounjian gave a quick speech on how the Academy was one of the best experience of her life, even being yelled at first thing in the morning. Sgt Lynch then talked of how proud he is of the Women & Men of the Youth Academy for trying something that was an unknown four years ago and making it one of the finest Academies in the State. He talked about how the Cadet, along with the Adults who work with the Academy all work for the common goal of constant growth & improvement. He mentioned at times there are some who feels that they need to lead are able to step aside and let others take charge. Also how leaders find themselves when the time calls for it, but will still be a member of the whole.
  At the end of the evening Anna Ferris was happy to announce the soon to be launched  Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy web site at www.bpesya.com as well as their twitter account which she hopes will help parents find the inforamtion they need, and to encourage more of Bogota students to look into aplying for to the  Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy

Bogota Police Chief John Burke

Program Coordinator Anna Ferris

Program Director Sgt. Craig Lynch with  Top Cadets
Jacklyn Villiafuerte of Class #02 (R) and  Olivia Toutounjian of Class #03

Olivia Toutounjian of Class #03 making her speech.

 Present & former Council Members John Mitchell (L), Lisa Kohles,
Michael Brophy, & Rob Robbins.
                               Former Cadets catch up with each other, Miss Anna, & Sgt Lynch.

Sgt Lynch recruiting future Cadets. 

Instructors Castellanos (L), Perez, Coleman, & Geraghty
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