Thursday, July 27, 2023

Bogota Planning Board


On Tuesday-25-July the Bogota Planning Board held their meeting for the month. Only one application was heard at this meeting. This was for an addition to 8 Queen Anne Rd. and to reconfigure the parking area for 2-6 Queen Anne Rd.  While these are separate properties, they are both owned by the same developer.  The major work is for the property of 8 Queen Anne Rd., this is an empty retail space that formerly housed a motorcycle parts store. The developer's design is to maintain and upgrade the first-floor retail space. Then add a second floor to the existing structure for just one, two-bedroom apartment. 
  The structure at 2-6 Queen Anne Rd will remain the same with two retail space on the first floor, and 2 apartment units on the second floor. What will be redesign for both properties is to combine the two parking spaces. A new parking lot will have access from North St. and the exiting divider will be removed to create 13 parking spaces. One will be ADA compliant, and one will have an Eclectic Vehicle charging station installed. There will also be new landscaping on the Northern and Western edge of the new parking lot. 
  Some of the Board recommendations was to incorporate the design of the neighboring building onto the new second floor addition.  Another to present a landscaping plan to the Bogota Environmental Commission.
   The application was approved by unanimous vote.
   The only other business was to approve a pair of Borough Ordinance. Both ordinances were to amend the Borough's Zoning Code. The Zoning Code, these ordinances to limit the use of warehouse structure for future development. This was also approved by unanimous vote. These ordinances now return to the Borough Council for a Public Hearing at their next Council meeting on Thursday-17-August starting at 7:00p.  This will be held in-person, and in a Hybrid format, is scheduled to be held in the Council Chambers starting at 7:00p. 
The Regular Meeting zoom access is at:
The in-person meeting is located on the third floor of 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ. 
Both are open to the Public. 
 The next Planning Board meeting will be on Tuesday-8-August at 7:30p. It will be held on the third floor of 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ. and is open to the Public.  
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(Help support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of local stories and sports by 
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