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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Steen Science Night

  On Thursday-18-January the Steen PTO hosted their annual Science night. This took place in the Moore Gym and had a number of displays to show scientific concepts in an interactive way. Different principal such as inertia, friction and gravity use some old magic tricks, and a new fad to demonstrate how these concepts can be be applied.  The trick of removing a table cloth with touching any of the plates left on it.  When Students were asked to pull a table cloth hard, and fast enough they saw how any object could stay on a table. The rapid motion of pulling the cloth reduce the amount of friction on the plates. Inertia cause the plate to stay in the space they started at. And gravity let the plates fall back on the table. A newer trick is to toss a bottle in the air and have it land standing up. This time a Student was to gentle flip a bottle  fill with some water, and cause it to stand upright on a table. Gravity  is what brings the bottle back down, and if done correctly the inertia of the liquid in side and the friction of two objects coming together (the bottom of the bottle and the table) should cause it to stand up.  
   Surface area, and surface tension were demonstration one way by seeing how many drops of water can be placed on a penny. Students used a eyedropper to slowly add a drops of water onto the surface of a penny. The surface tension of the water will start to form  cohesion unit between the water molecules. This will allow more water to be added  and will cause a dome of water to form over the penny. Another was making stream of water form into a twist as it came through a hole in a bottle. With the water flowing out of the bottle,  a finger  moved over the water flow, the surface tension is broken and the water molecules  start to stick together.  The cohesion of the water will cause the stream of water  start to twist around.
    There was an activity  to show how air pressure work. Students needed to blow into the open end of a long tube. This filled with the air they were forcing into it. Once that end was  closed they had a very long balloon. The added air inside had  made the tube firmer, and the Students  were willing test this on the backs of fellow Students. Once one end was opened and someone squeezed the other end then the force of the air came out a small wind storm.
   More experiments taught how sound wave can be made from just swing a hose around in circles. Along with how sound wave can change depending on the length, and size of the tube is. How magnets can either join together, or push each other away.  And gave the Students a chance to fit inside an index card. They can be done if the card is cut in the right order.
  The evening was a way to show just because something  that can be taught in an interesting way. And something can be fun as well as a chance to learn.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Bogota Sports

   Results from Bogota Varsity Sports
   On Wednesday-17-January the Bogota/ Weehawken Wrestling squad Saddle Brook at Speary Gym. The Falcons won the match by a score of 39-15. The  wins for the home team all came by Decision  Danny Gonzalez at 132 lbs, Kevin Rodriguez at 145 lbs and  Tyler Williams at 152 lbs  Bogota/ Weehawken record is now 6-5. They next  a Quad meet on Saturday-20-January against vs  Ridgefield Park, Ft. Lee, and Rutherford at Speary Gym  10:00a

  On Thursday-18-January the Bogota Bowling Bucs lost to Bergen Arts & Science 0-7. Their next match is on Monday-22-January against  Park Ridge at Parkway Lanes in Elmwood, Park NJ 4:00p

  The Bogota Men's Basketball Bucs traveled to Waldwick on Thursday-18-January.  After a disappointing lost in their last game the Bucs seemed to take out their frustrations on the Warriors. Bogota took a fifteen point lead after the first Quarter and led by 54-22 at Halftime. Bogota won the game by a score of 73-34. Tim Uzor lead all scores with 24 Points including a game high of 5 Three Point Baskets.  Other three point scores for Bogota were Dequan Johnson with 3, Deiker Padrino with 2 and Argenis Soriano with 1. Bogota's record is now 9-2. They next play on Tuesday 23-January against Hawthorne  Christian  Academy on the Jay Mahoney Court at Speary Gym.  Tip off time is schedule for 7:00p

   The Bogota Lady Bucs basketball team hosted the Lady Warriors from Waldwick. Bogota was shutout for the second straight quarter, over two games, while yielding 14 Points to the visitors.  Between the quarters Bogota Coach Andrew Ballester called his team over and planned a new strategy. When Leila Ksiyer scored to start the quater the Lady Bucs began using full court presser to slow Waldwick down. Led by Ms. Ksiyer energy Bogota started a more uptempo game and was able to generate  offense off of forced turnovers.  One consequence of this was when the Lady Warriors were able to break the trap, they too took advantaged of their scoring opportunities. While Bogota could not overcome the deficit and lost 39-60 they final three quarters showed hard working basketball from both teams.                Waldwick's Jessica Turner had game highs of 23 Points including 5 Three Point Baskets. The Lady Bucs were lead by Leila Ksiyer with 22 Points with 4 Three Point Baskets, and Amanda Schlosser with 2 Three pointers. Bogota's record is now 0-10. They next play on Monday-22-January against Midland Park on the Jay Mahoney Court at Speary Gym. Tip off time is schedule for 4:00p

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Board of Education

 On Tuesday the Bogota Board of  Education held its second regular meeting for the month of January. Notable agenda items approved was a contract to install a heating and air condition system for the Media Centre in Bixby school. Another budget item was the changing of order equipment for the High School Weight room.  The refund from the old order will cover the cost of the new order, with no additional funding require .
   After the Board members return from their Executive Session, it was announced that Trustee Jo-Ellen Granquist had offer her letter of resignation from the Board of Education. Her letter was read aloud by Board President Lisa Kohles.  Ms. Granquist request was approved by a unanimous vote and is effective imitatively. Ms. Granquist will be entering a position at the Bogota High School within the month.
  The deadline to apply  to fill the one year seat as a Trustee is the beginning of February. The qualifications needed are  the applicant must be a U.S.  Citizen and a resident of Bogota, NJ, along with the ability to read and write. The Board of Education will host an interview meeting at the Board meeting on Tuesday-20-February. 
  This meeting will be on Tuesday -6-February and scheduled to start at 7:00p. This will take place in the High School Cafeteria located on the second floor of the High School at 2 Henry Luthin pl. Bogota, NJ This meeting is open to the public.

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