Friday, April 12, 2024

Harlem Wizards' game First Half


 …. Mr. Arlington would control the tip-off and feed Superintendent Mr. Kennedy for the first basket of the game. The teams would match each other scores during the time the clock was running. There would be pauses in the play to take a dance break, or other activities. There would be moments when Wizard’s players wandered into the stands and reappear with a new item. One of these times King Arthur walked on the court with a woman’s bag. Once the owner had been found she was asked to come down for a prize. After she had a quick dance with King Arthur, a box was delivered to her. It was said there is a gift for her inside. Once opened, Giant popped out with her bag and a souvenir basketball. When one of the Wizards were “fouled” Ms. DeCongelio defended her no call and with the player revived played resumed. After more dancing, a half-court shot challenge took place. When a water break was needed there was a spilling of liquid on a few people sitting in the front row. Then the Wizards lined up for a football game, with time running down they would score one more basket. After this the half came to an end. Then Ms. DeCongelio  awarded Mr. Kennedy five points after he made a half court basket. This allowed Bogota to earn a 35 to 31 lead before the break.

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