Monday, April 29, 2024

Spring Garden Party


On Saturday-27-April, the Bogota Public Library, and the Bogota Community Garden hosted a Garden Party. This took place at the Community Garden in Veterans Memorial Park at River Rd.. Members of Girls Scout Troop #98856 were given a planting box for their use. Some of the Girl Scouts prepared the soil for seeds. With small rakes and trowels they evened out the ground and created shallow impression to add seeds. Then they had seeds placed in their trowels and sprinkled them over the soil. The seeds in this box will grow to attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies. This was followed by gently covering the seeds with some of the soil.
 Another group of scouts worked with Mayor Daniele Fede to plant Sunflower seeds along the inside of the fence around the garden. Mayor Fede, herself a Girl Scout, pointed out the areas which needed to be cultivated. She then handed the planters each a seed in those spots.
  After some time, they changed jobs with each other. One group continued with the planting box, while others moved outside the fence to plant more Sunflowers there.
  When they were finished with those projects Mr. Anthony Bracco was ready to give a presentation on how to start a garden. Mr. Bracco who owns Bracco Farms in New York, started with how to prepare soil for planting. His steps started with clearing and loosening the soil, like the Girl Scouts did in their planter. Mr. Bracco continued by explaining how to improve soil with the use of organic matter and other amendments to raise the quality of the soil. He then explained how the time of year, and the average temperature will effect what can be planted and when.
  More information was about the need to use compost in gardens, and how to create a good mix that will aid in enriching the soil. Mr. Bracco then explained  what type of maintenance needs to be done. This includes mulching, watering, removal of weeds, and adding fertilizer when needed.
  After his talk, the scouts and Mr. Bracco move to an empty box in the garden. There he showed how to use a number of different tools for specific jobs. One was a tube that allowed the grower to place potted plants in the soil easily. This was a tube that was stuck into the soil and created a hole for the plant. Another was a smaller version which is used for seeds. He also showed a variety of digging, raking and weeding tools that could be useful to home gardeners.
  The Bogota Community Garden has a number of planting boxes still available for the Summer growing season. They are priced at $50.00 per plot. 2 plots for $75.00. They must be reserved before Wednesday-15-May. The Gardening season runs to November of 2024. For more information, please go to:  
  The Bogota Public Library has gardening selections of books that can be used for home gardens. Information at: 
Both organizations will provide Community Service Hours for High School Students in Bogota.

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