Friday, April 26, 2024

Bogota Board of Education


 On Tuesday-23-April, the Bogota Board of Education held its work session meeting for the Month. In his reports section Superintendent Mr. Damain Kennedy first introduced Student Representative Ms. Ashley Urena to speak. First Ms. Urena apologized to the Board for not being able to attend a number of the previous meetings. She then congratulated the High School Fine Arts Department on their Fall Drama, and Spring Musical performances. She also congratulated both the Fall and Winter Sports teams. Ms. Urena then wished success for the Spring Sports teams and looking forward to the Spring Pep-Rally.
 Superintendent Kennedy first announce that New Jersey State testing will begin on Monday-29. This will continue for the next five week with a variety of standardize for most of the grades in the District. Another event he mentioned was the Spring Concerts for both Steen and Bixby school will be held on Monday-29-April. This will again combine the two schools and will be held in the High School Auditorium starting at 6:30p. Superintendent Kennedy announced that a District Wide open house will be at Bogota High School on Wednesday-1-May starting at 5:30p. This is open to all families who have Students attending any District school. This will allow them to learn what is offered at the High School level in Bogota. He finished in congratulating the Steen PTO for a successful evening featuring the Harlem Wizards Basketball team, and how well it was attended.
  Superintendent Kennedy added one item. This was to thank Bixby Principal Mr. Damon Englese for his many years working for the District. Mr. Englese has accepted the position of Superintendent of the Fairview School District starting on 1-July-2024. Principal Englese has worked at Bixby School since 2015.
  Then the Board of Trustees considered the items on the consent agenda. Items of note were: To approve an agreement with South Bergen Jointure Commission, an approved coordinated transportation services Agency, for the purposes of transporting students. And  approves submission of the 2024 Safety Grant Program through New Jersey School Insurance Group.
All items were moved to be voted on at the regular meeting.
  The next Board of Education meeting will be Tuesday-30-April at 7:00p. The 2024-25 District Budget will be presented at this meeting. This will take place in person in the cafeteria located at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota, NJ and online. This meeting is open to the Public. For more information, please go to:   
The recording of this meeting can be found at:
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