Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Spring Concert


On Monday-29-April, the Elementary Schools of the Bogota School District held a joint Spring Concert. This took place in the Auditorium of Bogota High School. This evening featured the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade classes of both the Lillian M Steen School and the E. Roy Bixby School. The evening began with the Third Grade Percussion Ensemble playing “Spring into Action” and “Au Claire De Lune” Next to play was the Beginner Band with their selections of "Breakin’ Out” and “The Magnificent Five” this is in reference to the first five notes they learned. The instrumental portion of the concert finished with the Advanced Band’s rendition of “Trust” and “Residence of the Lords.” All the bands’ performances were under the direction of Mr. Michael Webb.
  After the intermission, the Fourth and Fifth Grade Choir took the stage. The over 200 Student strong assembly were under the direction of Ms. Ariana Dellosa. Their part of the program consisted of four songs. Starting with “It’s All Right” then “You Gotta Be”.  The third number “Carry The Light” opened with the Septet of Antonella Salcedo Loaiza, Cristian Urquia Merlo, Emely Diaz, Gabriela Garrido-Lombardi, Henry Quaman, Juan Caizapanta Avila, and Krysnelly Cabrera-Reyes, forming a semi-circle in the front of the stage. Each performer cradled a small candle in the lowered stage lighting. When the full choir joined in the song, each one of them lit their candles to form a glow in front of the Audience. The final selection was “Cloudy Day” featuring Elena Valentin on Drums. Ms. Valentin was accompanied by Ms. Ariana Dellosa at the Keyboard, Mr. Michael Webb on Saxophone and Steen Teacher Mr. Stelios Giannoulis playing the Trumpet.
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