Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Concert

 19- May-2011
  The Bogota High School held their spring concert with a mix of musical styles. The concert was started off with the concert band, under the direction of Barry McCann, leading off the a Military Escort March. The Concert Band kept a brisk pace with pieces by Rob Romeyn " Saturn : the ringed planet, and Ennio Morricone's Gabriel's Oboe. After more energetic works The Concert band ended with "To Challenge the Sky and Heavens Above" by Robert Smith. Within the opening performance Senior members of the Orchestra stopped for a moment to honour ,and thank Mr. McCann for the time spent teaching inspiring the students. 
  After the intermission a Mallet Ensemble played "House of the Sun" which worked as an intro to the Jazz Band Program. with works by Don Menza, Herbie Hancock, and other lively pieces. The Percussion Ensemble preformed a quick number of "Clap Happy" This was used as a  lead into the Choir Program selects of Pop Hits from U-2, Green Day, and the Zombies ending with a Medley from Michael Jackson.

Barry McCann Leading the Concert Band.
Senior Members of the band thanking Mr. McCann for the years of training.

Larissa Schumyloych, David Mercado, & Eli Fleuranvil  of the Mallet Ensemble.

Jazz Band Program
Percussion Enesemble performing "Clap Happy"

Choir Program performing "Beautiful Day"

Danielle Guzman solo during"21 Guns"

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