Monday, May 2, 2011


 I would like to something different here. Instead of a typical event post, I would like to thank everyone who has looked at my site,and has given my encouragement about my idea. I started this over a month ago, because I was not seeing in depth local coverage of the events in the borough of Bogota. I do NOT want to compete with the local news out-lets, but add to the cover of our town. In the future I would like to expand to include more local news,and sports. Also I would like to include  covering of events in the neighboring towns, that we would find interesting.
 In order to take this to the next step I am asking a little help from you the readers.
 What I would like to ask anyone who wants to, to  sign-up as a follower of this blog, as well as "liking" the face- book page that is also called Bogota blog NJ. I am asking this to see if this is a service that people would like to see continue. As well as if the blog has a good enough following then there my be an opportunity to seek advertisers to join the blog,and keep it growing.
 However the most important part of this post is to thank, you the readers of this blog. I will welcome your comments either thru e-mail ,or the comment part at the end of each post. I also welcome ANY idea, or event that you have to offer.
Stephen Mazzella
Bogota Blog NJ

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