Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kim Lynn Dinner

 On Saturday Night the Kim Lynn Memorial Fund held a night of dining and dancing at the the Bogota VFW Post 5561. Proceeds from this event go to the  Lynn Irrevocable Trust, which was set-up to help take care of her three daughters. In August of 2012 Ms. Lynn was killed in an auto accident, which also seriously injured her oldest daughter, while causing minor injuries to her two younger twin girls. The three girls now living with their father Bob Lynn have "physically" recovered from their injuries in the words of Mr. Lynn. 
The girls dance, and play, with family and friends who came out to help support this event while other gathered to be with loved ones and to remember the life of Kim Lynn.
   Ms. Lynn grew up in Boston Mass.  she served 4 years in the U.S. Air Force obtaining the rank of 1st Lt.. She was station in San Antonio, and worked as a Pediatric Nurse for her Military career. After leaving the service she then worked as a Bayada nurse for 15 years as a clinical support specialist, along with being an educator, and mentor in the Bayada system. Before her death Ms. Lynn started work on a developing simulation program for home health care. Formerly married to Bob Lynn of Bogota, in October of 2012 Bayada dedicated a pediatric simulation lab they built based on her design in her honour.
  Lynn Irrevocable Trust has been set-up  to help her three daughters for any of their future needs. 
  The entertainment , who donated their performance for the evening, was provided by the local band " Bachelor Party" 
  At one point in the evening Mr. Lynn thanked  Councilman Tito Jackson for all the help the Bogota First Aid Squad did to help him , and his family last year after the accident.  Councilman Jackson arranged for his daughter Casandra, who was hospitalised after the crash, to be transported from the hospital where she was recovering in, to the wake for her Mother. The the Bogota First Aid Squad also brought Casandra to, and from the funeral the next day. Finally they moved her back to Mr. Lynn home in order to   live with her Father and her two sisters.  Mr. Lynn again thanked his boyhood friend Tito for all his help when it was needed. 
  For more information about the  Lynn Irrevocable Trust or to contribute to it please go

 Bob Lynn talking with family..

..and with some friends

Meaghan dancing with her Aunt Kara.

Meaghan & Jordan dancing with their Father.

Tracy & Bill Hand dancing.

More Dancing 

 Bob Lynn thanking Councilman Jackson  for all the help the
 Bogota First Aid Squad  did for his family.

Bachelor Party providing the music. 

Danny Rose singing

John Cal at Lead Guitar

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