Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steen games

 On Thursday night the students of Steen school face their Teachers in some friendly competition, The fifth & Sixth Grade student challenged the Facility in a couple of sporting events. The female students had a game of Volleyball against the Female teachers. As well as the Male students then took on the Male teachers, with some of the Females joining in, in a game of Basketball.
 Between the games there was a free  throwing shooting contest for each of the grades. There was also a twilling show by some of the Rec twirlers.
  What is hoped to be the first of an annual event at the school, it was a chance for both young , and old to get together for some athletic competition, and exercise, to keep Steen tradition of physical fitness.

The Teachers team

 The Girls Volleyball team

The Boys Basketball team

High School senior Kelly Daley helping to coach the girls team.


Kindergarten trying free throws.

Teachers performing during a time out.

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