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Monday, April 14, 2014

Community Meeting

13- April-2014
   The Bogota Police Dept. held the first of what it hopes to be a quarterly Community Meeting on Friday 11- April.  This was held in the Seniors Center of the Bogota Public Library. The meeting was hosted by Sgt. Craig Lynch of the Bogota Police. The purpose of these meeting is to give the Police Dept and resident of the Borough a chance to discuss matters important to both about living in Bogota. Members of the Bogota Police Dept. including Police Chief John Burke , and other Police officers & Detectives spoke of some areas of concern around Bogota , and answered question from the Public. Some of the point the Police brought up the fact the the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in the State of New Jersey the the selling , growing, and distribution of  Marijuana is still illegal by anyone who does not have a licence to do so by the State. Medical Marijuana will also be treated as a prescription drug and allowing anyone to have , or use it especially a minor is illegal. A newer mixture called K2 or Spice  is also a Schedule 1 substance and therefore also illegal. Spice is given that named because it is a mixture of herbs & spices then sprayed with a synthetic compound similar to the THC found in Marijuana. This is available over the internet with no regulation and no knowledge of what the ingredients are , or what effects can be seen with consuming it.
  Officer Riviera talked about a newer form of the drug Ecstasy called Molly Pills and can cause the same harmful effects in it's use. At this time Sgt Lynch added that while Bogota High School, and it's Student Population is one of the safer schools in the area, there still will be minors looking to experiment. Both Officers pointed out the need for Parents, and even other Students to be in contact with their Children & friends. Changes in a person appearance, attitude, behavior, and other "usual things" could indicate more attention is needed to that person. Something these will be cause by "Small Problems" stress from school work, or athletics, or even a break-up of a relationship. The Officers pointed out that a concerned Parent could help move through these situation so they do not become something worse. Chief Burke mention that it is advisable to be a Parent , not just a friend to a child.
  Detective Misskerg  talked about what the Department is doing about alcohol abuse among minors. He said that at a Family function in a private home the serving of alcoholic beverages to children in that family is permissible. When a minor not related directly to that house hold is served alcohol then it is an illegal act. This was brought up because of the change in season , upcoming graduation parties will soon be held. The Detective said the the Police will investigate any incident  called into the Department and will make arrests when called for. He also said that the Police Department has & will check on all stores within the Borough Limits that sell alcohol to enforce the law about selling to minors ( this also includes cigarettes and e-cigarettes)  Det. Misskerg let it be know that a number of stores in Bogota have been fined for selling to minors and they will be monitored appropriately.
  At the start of the meeting Sgt. Lynch  talked about a new program the Department , along with the Emergency Service Departments are forming. This will be an after school activity for high school age Students. It will be a Emergency Service Club that will show what the ESU job in helping with the safety in Bogota.
  At the end of the Meeting the floor was opened to question by Chief Burke. The main topic was the parking situation in the Borough. Chief Burke acknowledged the harness of the pass Winter did cause a number problems with parking. The Police Dept. the DPW and the Bogota Governing body have been working on a way to deal with the parking in the future. One thing Chief Burke mention that there are over 250 overnight parking spaces available in Bogota. The reason for over night restriction is one to keep the streets clear for cleaning and safety reason.  Another is that while on patrol the Police check on what vehicle is on the street and the reason why. On this point Chief Burke asked that is a resident has a overnight permit that the resident call be the one on the street so if needed the owner can be contacted in an emergency. Another question was the inability to clear one,s driveway. It was suggested that that person call Police Headquarters and that the Police will assist in helping to find a solution to the problem.
  Sgt. Lynch while pleased with the opening turnout he is hoping that everyone at this meeting will bring a friend or neighbor to the next meeting went it is announced.
 Officer Rivera talking about what to look for in an individual
that may have a drug abuse problem. 

Sgt. Lynch  

 Chief John Burke answering questions about parking.

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