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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rebuilding Together Post 5561

26- April-2014
  On  Sat. 26- April  Rebuilding Together Bergen County completed more of their work on the Lower Hall of the Bogota  VFW Post 5561 Headquarters.  This was in association with National Rebuilding Day 2014. Volunteers from the NVE Bank, IBEW local 164 , and the St. Nicholas Church of Wyckoff came to Bogota to help upgrade the Lower Hall of the Post 5561 building.  NVE Bank also presented a check of $7500.00, along with the Bergen County Police Chief Foundation giving a $500.00 check to Rebuilding Together Bergen County. Also on hand to thank the volunteers was Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson and Bergen County Executive  Kathleen Donovan. Mayor Jackson thanked the volunteers for their time, letting them know as a volunteer with the First Aid Squad in Bogota he understand their sacrifice of working during what could be a off day for them.  Ms. Donovan what to thank  Rebuilding Together Bergen County for all of their effort not only today, but over the years for helping groups, and families in Bergen County when they needed a hand to improve their lives.
   Volunteers from the NVE Bank had the job of applying a finish coat of paint to the Lower Hall, and hallway to brighten up the room. The volunteers from the IBEW finish the electrical work that need to be done. They installed new fixtures in both the Women's & Men's washrooms, replace the old plugs & switches in the Lower Hall, and added more controls for the lighting in the Lower Hall. The lighting in the Lower Hall is now available to be controlled in sections to allow a more flexible lighting experience to groups who will use this room for their events. Along with dimmable lighting there are now a number of " colour wheels" that can be used during festive events.
  One of the IBEW volunteers a note was a Mr. Ivan Gill. Mr. Gill is a former Iraqi war veteran who is now part of IBEW Local 164 " Helmets to Hardhats" program which takes in current veterans, and helps them to become full electricians so they may start the next part of their lives after serving the country in the Armed Forces.  http://www.ibew164.org/
  The volunteers from St. Nicholas took on the job of doing a quick spruce up of the Upper Hall. They clean the Leonia Ave  entrance by pulling weeds, sweeping , and cleaning the glass doors of some very old tape left after a number of events. They also swept, and mopped the floors along with a shrubing of the counter & walls of the Upper Hall.
  By the end of the day the Lower Hall had a brighter look from the fresh paint & newer lighting while the Upper Hall has a fresher feel to it.  One more step is needed to the Lower Hall which is scheduled for this coming Tuesday & Wednesday is to lay a new floor and to replace the molding and cover plates to the electrical outlets.  Post Commander Alex Hernandez is grateful to  Rebuilding Together Bergen County and all of the volunteers who helped today. He is hoping the upgrade will help the post be able to host more events in the future, some which are booked as soon as the floor is finished, to help the VFW Post to become more financially stable so it can continue it's mission to serve the  community and to assist the Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.
 For more information on how to donate , or volunteer to Rebuilding Together Bergen County  please visit their website at: http://www.rebuildingtogetherbergen.org/
 The first chance for the public see the cleaned -up Upper Hall will be on Thursday 1- May when the Bogota VFW Ralph Hall Post 5561 will host their annual Loyalty Day celebration. This will begin at 8:00p in the Main Hall located at 240 Leonia Ave in Bogota,  NJMembers of the VFW will present the winners of their " Voice of Democracy" and Patriots Pen"  writing contest held in the schools of Bogota. They will also recognized the students who serve  as volunteer members of the Safety Patrol.
  For more information about renting space for an event at the VFW please go to their Facebook home page at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bogota-VFW

Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan thanking the volunteers 

Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson thanking the volunteers for their help with the VFW Hall

Daniele Fede (L) Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson,
Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan & Post Cmdr Alex Hernandez

Bogota Police Chief John Burke present a check to Daniele Fede

NVE Bank presenting a check to Rebuilding Together Bergen County

  Members of IBEW Local # 164 
  Members of IBEW Local # 164 with Bogota Mayor Tito Jackson,
Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan & Post Cmdr Alex Hernandez

Veteran Ivan Gill 

            Volunteers from St. Nicholas Church of Wyckoff  cleaning the Upper Hall

Volunteers from NVE Bank painting the Lower Hall


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