Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Principal

   In June the Bogota Board of Education voted to hire a new full time principal for Steen School.   Ms. Dayle Santoro was able to start her new position as soon as she was hired. Principal Santoro  has been working at Steen during the Summer months overseeing scheduled maintenance along with preparing for the start of the 2016 -17 school.  Principal Santoro has graciously sent Bogota Blog NJ a brief bio of herself. She also including  thoughts about her vision on education and on how she would like to help shape the future of Lillian Steen School,and it's Students.
  The following is Principal Santoro's ideas in her own words.

It is my great honor to become a part of the Lillian M. Steen School community. I received by BA from Rowan University in Teacher of the Handicapped. I then went on to receive my MA from the University Of London Institute Of Education in Social Justice and Education. I am currently enrolled in the doctoral K-12 Administration program at Seton Hall University.  I have been working hard over the summer to make sure the school is in tip top condition for our first day of school. I look forward to meeting all the students and welcoming them to the 2016-2017 school year. We already have a fun filled calendar of special assemblies planned for the students. I know that along with the wonderful faculty and staff of Steen School we will be able to offer a challenging curriculum that is rigorous for each and every student. Elementary school is a time when a love of learning should be fostered in all students. Students’ creativity and enthusiasm towards school should be harnessed in order to create lifelong learners. Elementary school is the first time both students and parents are entering into the world of education. The role of an administrator is to harness this excitement in order to create active participates in the school community. It is a time for students to learn fundamentals that will carry them through a lifetime of education, but also a time to stretch their imagination. I can’t wait see everyone on the first day of school.

New Steen Principal Dayle Santoro

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