Friday, July 1, 2016

Parents Orientation

30-June -2016

   The Bogota Emergency Services Youth Academy will hold its Parents  orientation meetings on Tuesday 5-July and Thursday -7-July These are for the Parents , or Guardian of those Students that have bee accepted into the Academy's Class 06 this Summer.  The meetings will be held on the 2nd Floor of the Kennedy Emergency Services Building located at 69 West Main Street in Bogota. (This is the Ambulance/Rescue Building next door to the post office.) Parking is available in the Bank/Post Office Parking Lot - entrance from West Broad Street.  The meeting will start both days at 7:00p 
  It is mandatory that the parent or Guardian of a future Cadet  attend at least one of these meeting. If both meeting are missed the Student will not be admitted into Class 06. This is for the Parent or Guardian only Cadets or other children are not permitted to attend. 
  Both Director Craig Lynch and Coordinator Anna Geraghty  will speak about the Parent and Cadet should except while a member of Class 06.   They will explain the basic  rules of the Academy, the hours of a typical duty day, along how a Parent can support their Student while apart of Class 06. Normally there are some of the Instructions in attedance to answer any questions a Parent will have.
  At this time payment of the registration fee is due. This should be made in the form of a check, or cash, made out to FOP lodge 161 Youth Academy.
   For more information please contact them at

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