Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Closed High School


     Bogota Blog NJ has learned that Bogota High School will be closed for at least three day starting on Friday 29- July to Tuesday 2-August. This is for asbestos removal and abatement in the Chemistry rooms. The removal is one of the first steps in the plan to rebuild  and modernized  the Science lab. Their are plans to redo the Science lab which will provide  more work space and a separate class room  large enough for 24 Students. The lab space would expanded  by 300 sq ft.  This will include a separate Instructor Demonstration area, new storage, and new flooring and wall covering, and a safety shower. 
   Due to the  necessity  of closing the entire build to anyone except the workers some changes need to take place.  The Summer School program will be moved to Steen School on Friday 29- July. The 1st session will run from 8:00a to 10:00a. The 2nd session will be from 10:00a to 12:00 noon. For any questions and updates please contact the High School Main office at :(201) 441-4808  
   Orientation Day for Class 06 of the Bogota Emergency Service Youth Academy  will be moved to Bixby School. Recruits are asked to assembly at the school's main entrance on Fischer Ave. The duty day will still begin at 7:30 a Anyone excepted into Class 06 should report early. For more information, or question please contact the Academy at:  

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