Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bat Stock

   The first ever "Bat Stock" in New Jersey was kicked-off last night at the Wildlife Conservation & Education  Center in Ridgefield Park NJ. This was an event that will help educate the public awareness  of the benefits of  bats in the local area. With a chance to meet & feed a variety of animals  owner Joseph D'Angeli is trying to end the idea that bats are a " Scary" animal, but just another useful part of the environment.  One way that was the most enjoyable to both kids, and adults was a chance to feed the animals.  While some the adults were a bit hesitant at first, the children were excited to do something that is out of the ordinary. And this is one thing that Mr. D'Angeli is count on, so that the younger generation will grow up with a better understanding that all animals in an area are important to that area  environmental heath.
  This was supposed the first day of a three day event to teach and educated about the benefits of bats in the community. As well as a fund raise to fight an infection know as "White Nose Syndrome" (WNS) unfortunately the last two events have been canceled due to the approach of Hurricane Irene.
  WNS is a condition effecting bats in the Northeast United States, and spreading west, which causes them to awake during their Winter Hibernation. With no food available then the bats will starve to death. The resulting loss in bats then allows for the Mosquito, Fly, Moth populations to go unchecked which has resulted in the spread of diseases (West Nile for one). Along with the destruction, and loss of agricultural crops.
  For more information about 'Bat Stock" or WNS please go to Mr. D'Angeli website
Joe D'Angeli tempting Jack the Kinkajou with some popcorn 

Lindey Casanova feeding a Breaded Dragon, while her brother  Lance  watches

Mr. D'Angeli hold Louie, a Flying Fox so Nikki Nozze can get a closer look.

Fred Youngs with daughter Chloe   looking at some animals.

Raevynn Wooddrufft getting a "BatStock" tattoo 

 Sarah Obeiter (L) & Buket Hakanoglu  showing off their 'BatStock"  tattoos.

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