Monday, August 15, 2011

Return Of Bogota Football (day 1)

  Today was he first official practice for the 2011 Bogota High School football team.  Under new coach Nick DeStefano the Bucs hope to improve from the past few season. After a very disappointing 2010 season which saw the Bucs unable to finish the season due to the lost of manpower. Coach DeStefano, and his assistants held their first practice at Fiegel Field teaching basic skills, along with motivating the club to work their hardest for the new season.

Coach Nick DeStefano talking with his Linemen

Blocking drills

Ball carrying  drills

Coach DeStefano  show how he wants things done.

 Coach DeStefano watching blocking practice.
Asst. Coach Sinclair having a motivational moment with the Offence. 

Passing drills

Coaches and Players take a break

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