Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bogota Football

   The Bogota Bucs let out over two years of frustration on the Harrison Blue Tide Saturday afternoon. The Bucs, and the weather, stormed over the Harrison team with Bogota scoring  early and often. They built up 28-0 first quarter lead en route to a 42-0 victory in the snow. The game was suppose to be the final home game  in which  senior players ,along with cheerleaders, & band member would be honoured. However the early fall snow storm forced those planned to be cancelled.
   The team themselves went out and made the game memorable by giving a near perfect effort, and rewarded those fans who stayed to brave the elements.

Bogota defense forcing a fumble.

# 17 Christian Perpepaj running for a touchdown.

Snow falling on the snap count.

#8 Milton Martinez returning an interception. 

Ray Pella running for a touchdown.

Edwin Fiscal carrying the ball.

Snow on the Helmet

Coach DeStefano not letting the snow, or score break his focus.

The true fans 

A halftime show of a snowball fight.

 The Band (what was left)  still having school spirit.

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