Monday, November 21, 2011

Cheerleader Round-up

21- Nov. 2011
    The Bogota Rec cheerleaders had their end of season round-up Saturday Night in the Gym of Bogota High School. All three squads Pee-Wee, Junior, and Senior performed in front of a full house of family and friends.
The Rec Squads were joined by the Bogota High School Varsity Cheerleaders. The High school squad also performed ,as well as helping the younger girls with their performances. Many of the High Schoolers have been working with the rec girls during the season and had the chance to see the hard work ,by all the girls, pay off. This was also a time to acknowledge the High School Girls, because of the snow on the final home game forced the ceremony to be postponed.
  The Rec girls , under the direction of  Adele  Guerreno-Nunez showed off all they learned through out the year.
All three squads performed their "Hello" cheer ,as well as their half time show, and did a special routine form the round-up.
After all of the performances awards were handed out to all the girls involved. Then the coaches were thanked with flowers ,and hugs. This is once again suppose to be coach Patti Brown last year of coaching , but she will always be around with her girls, and be willing to help when needed.

The Senior squad's performance.

The Junior Squad's performance.

The Pee Wee Squad's performance. 

The Varsity Squad performance.

Adele Nunez thanking coach Patti for all her years of work. 

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