Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veteran's Day

    The Ralph Hall post #5561 in Bogota Observed Veteran's Day yesterday with a ceremony at their headquarters last night. Part of the ceremony was to present the " Citizen of the Year" and the "Young Volunteer of the Year" awards.
    The Citizen of the Year went to Mr. Carmen Detitta of Bogota. Coming as a total surprise to Mr. Detitta, he had to be encourage to get up to receive the honor, while the crowd in attendance gave him a standing ovation. In the announcement of the award it was mention that Mr. Detitta,  may not be  a member of any one group, he is being recognized as someone who a good friend and neighbor who will try to help when needed. Mr Detitta was join,to his surprise, be some members of his family including several Grandchildren making a special time for him. After hugs, and kisses Mr. Detitta thanked the post for the honor, and still could not believed he had done anything special to deserved it. Just that he had always tried to do the right thing when needed. 
   The Young Volunteer Award went to Andrew Gilbert a student at Bogota High School. A letter of recommendation, written by Cornelia Geraghty  of Steen school, for Mr. Gilbert was read to inform the audience of the type of person this young men is becoming. More then just a student athlete, giving  of his time  helping in the community ,and to his Church. After school Mr. Gilbert will enlist in to the US Marine Corp. His recruiting Sargent , Staff Sgt. Jose Santos, was also on hand to speak on his behalf promising that the Marines are only "burrowing " Andrew and to return him safely home and stronger ,and even better person.  Mr. Gilbert then thanked all who have helped him in growing up in Bogota, and saved a special thank-you to his Parents.
Post Commander Alexander Hernandez talking about the history of Veteran's Day

Mayor Pat McHale thanking those who has served in duty for the country.

Earl Coppock reading the plaque honoring Carmen Detittle. For being named "Citizen of the Year"

Mary Wagner presenting the Young Volunteer Award  to Andrew Gilbert.

Mr. Gilbert thanking his Parents,and all who helped him in the past.

Andrew Gilbert with his Father & Mother.

Carmen Detitta with his wife Della.

Mr. Detitta is joined by members of this family.

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