Thursday, April 12, 2012

Building Collapse

   The building at 14 E. Ft Lee Rd suffered a partial collapse of it's facade as working were trying to remodel it. Reports from eyewitness said the workers had started to remove the front windows when bricks started to fall from the building.  Emergence workers from Bogota were called to the scene. The Bogota Fire Dept. ask for assistance from the Hackensack Fire Dept. While assisting to help secure the building two Hackensack Firefighter were injured.   The building , and it's adjoining address at 12 E. Ft.Lee Rd have been evacuated as a safety precaution. Bogota Police has barracked off a section of  E.Ft. Lee Rd  until the building can be secured.

Numbers 14 & 12 E. Ft.Lee Rd cordon off as a precaution.  

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