Thursday, April 5, 2012

Rec Commission

05-April- 2012
    As of last night there still is a Bogota Recreation Commission, and it is still serving the Borough  of Bogota. In a very heated council meeting, the citizens of Bogota had a chance to give their opinion about the future of the Rec Dept. A meeting that unfortunately had it's moments of  name calling, from both the audience and council members, showed how passionate this issue is for the public. As a procedural step members of the Rec. Commission where given "RICE" notices stating that their positions  ( paid & volunteer) may be terminated.  This was done so those people would have a chance  in an open , and public forum to discuss the issue. NO members where terminated tonight.
   At issue is who will have control of the Rec Commission in the future. In past administrations the Rec Commission was cut loose from the towns budget as a cost savings measure. Since that time the Rec has had to fund the programs it runs, by the fees they charge. Basic services to the Rec Building ( electric, heat, etc.) and part of the Rec Directors salary comes from the Borough's budget. Over the last few years a men's softball league was organized by Jorge Nunez, who is a Borough Councilman. After the first season the league lost money. and fees where raised the following year. Councilman Nunez also set-up a commission to run the league relinquishing his control to that commission. The next season the league again loss money, with most of the loss coming in the form of  players payments fee that were not received.  The amount that Councilman Nunez has accounted for , and what the Rec Dept. is owed, part of the disagreement between the Councilman & the Rec Dept. When asked to proved hard copies of receipts to the Councilman it was discovered that a number of books are not accounted for. there is an investigation into this matter. 
   Councilman Nunez is looking for the Rec. Dept to be more answerable to the Borough about it's finances. While the Rec Dept. has been operating within itself for some years, and does believe it is working with the Borough as it should. Both parties agree that the Rec Dept, and what is does for the community is a vital part of the town. This thought was echoed by also all of the public who spoke to the council. Some members of the Rec Commission who spoke explained how they thought they are complying with the need to have the openness, with their finances that Councilman Nunez is asking for.
   A proposal to re-organize the Rec. Dept was tabled so it can be further looked at by the Mayor & Council.
   Some of the other business, was a plan for landscaping around the parking lot off of Bogert Ln. was submitted to the Council. To look at ways to improve the Borough's web-site, and to get new lockers for the Police Dept.  
Members of the Audience listening as people address the Mayor & Council 

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