Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bogota Volleyball

   For the second time in two weeks the Lady Bucs faced- offed against the Blue Eagles of Immaculate heart Academy. Again the the match went to three sets, and unfortunately  for Bogota the outcome was the same, with IHA scoring a 1-2 (25-15: 22-25: 20-25) victory. In the first set the Lady Bucs spurred on by the weekend tournament win, and a large and vocal crowd at Speary Gym. Bogota ran out to an early lead, and kept the presser on IHA through -out the set. The second set, and third, sets were more of what was to be excepted of  a match of this quality. Bogota had a small lead to start the set, but IHA continued to kept the Lady Bucs in reach. When Bogota took a lead the Blue Eagles can back to tie. And when a tie was achieved, Bogota would take back the lead. When IHA finally pulled ahead they moving forward, as it was Bogota turn to keep up. The biggest lead of the middle set was that of the final point in the match. The third set was, again, a heavy- weight bout of two strong teams. IHA took an lead, with the Lady Bucs coming back. Long volleys, and hard play by both teams kept it an enjoyable match to watch. The deciding factor was that IHA was able to limit the number of errors, and hurry the play to keep Bogota from getting enough time to set. The Lady Bucs had a number of fouls giving IHA the points and possession of the ball, this lead IHA servers Caitlyn Floyd, & Kerry McCullagh to slowly build -up their lead. While on defense the Blue Eagles forward line work together to contain Carly O'Sullivan.
   In the end it was the hard work of one team, and outlasted the hard work of the other team. This was the only scheduled meeting between the two teams, but both should feel that the next chapter is in the future, with one knowing the history , and the other needing to change it.


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