Wednesday, September 5, 2012


  Some events happening in and around Bogota over the next few weeks.
 Thurs. 6- Sept.
    Bogota Public School open
    St. Joseph's Schools open
    Bogota Bucs H.S. Football Home Opener at Feigel Field vs New Millford 1:00p kick-off                 Tues.- 11- Sept.
   Bogota Lady Bucs H.S Volleyball Season Opener at W. Morris Central at 6:00p
   Bogota Lady Bucs H.S Volleyball Home Opener at Speary Gym vs Milland Park at 4:00p
Tues.-Sat. 18-22 -Sept.
   St. Joseph's Carnival
Wed. 19- Sept.
    Steen back to School Night
     Bogota Bucs H.S. Football at Wood- Ridge
Sat.- 22-Sept.
   Town Wide Garage Sale from 10:00a to 2:00p
    Bogota Bucs H.S. Football  at Feigel Field vs Park Ridge
Sun. 23-Sept.
   Steen Clothes Drive 9:00a -5:00p  
Mon-Fri.- 24 - 28 Sept
   Steen Book Fair
Thurs. 27-Sept.
   Bogota Fire Dept. Blood Drive Sponsored by Engine #1  and Hook & Ladder #1
   W. Board St Station 3:30p- 8:00p


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