Thursday, September 6, 2012

St. Joseph's Carnival

   The 6th annual St. Joseph's Carnival, and International Food Festival will be held next week Tuesday to Saturday 18-22 Sept. There will be rides, and games in the parking  lot across Palisade Ave from the church, at E. Ft. Lee Rd Bogota, NJ. The food tent will again feature a variety of international cuisines that reflexes the diversity of the members of the church. Again this year there will be theme nights. Wednesday will be the Alumni Day Thursday will be Italian Night, with Friday being a Seafood Extravaganza. 
  This year will have a "Super 50/50"  with the top prize being  a maximum of $3500 these tickets are $25 a piece with only 400 being offered for sale. This drawing will only be on Sat. 22- Sept at approximately 9:00p For more information please contact Sandy Wieskus at 201-519-2295. Thee will still be daily "50/50" through-out the evening. 
   The Carnival will start each day at 6:00p and go until 10:00p. Friday will extend to 11:00p With Tues. & Sat. being  one price bracelet nights priced at $25 to ride all night.
   If anyone would like to volunteer to work a game booth, or to help sell food please contact Mr. Peter Montalbano at

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