Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Awards Dinner

 Bogota High School  will hold their annual awards dinner for all the High School sports on Tuesday 28-May. This will take place in the School's Gym starting at 6:00p  Tickets are $5.00 a piece, and they need to purchase in advance. For more information please contact Holly at 201-446-5532 . Also it is requested that if anyone action photos of the students they be sent to Pauline McDonnell in order to created posters to be displayed the Gym. Please send photos to Pauline McDonnell at

Scenes from last years awards dinner.

[Hidden image]

Bogota High School Sports Award Dinner


May 28th @ 6:00 PM 

High School Gym


Tickets $5.00 (need to be purchased in advance)


For more information contact Holly 201-446-5532

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