Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sports award dinner

29- May- 2013

 On Tuesday Night the students athletes of Bogota High School were honored for their achievements over the past year. 
  Before  the students were given their awards Bogota Superintendent, Dr. Letizia Pantoliano took a moment to thank the coaches for all their hard work in teaching , and guiding the players  during the year. This was reinforced by the fact of the six varsity play in the fall  Coaches from Bogota ; Jay Mahoney for Girls Cross -Country , and Brad DiRupo for Girls Volleyball  were named Coach of the Year .   Those same teams were also named  Teams of the year for their section. 
 Individually  22 students of Bogota High School had been named to the first team all league in their respected sport.  The Bogota Borough Council awarded the three State Champions Group 1 Girls Volleyball team  a proclamation on their success. The Lady Bucs Volleyball team is well known for their State, &  Regional Tournament Championships as they were lead by Player of the year Carly O' Sullivan. There was also a team of the year in the Lady Bucs Cross-County squad.  Top runners Elizabeth O'Brien for the Girls , and Jovanie Sotomayor both setting school records on teams that both won Bergen County Group D Championships. A first in Bergen County.
   A recurring theme of the Coaches speeches was how proud they are of their players for all their hard work and dedication to team play. From  Football Coach Nick DeStefano  and Wrestling Coach Pat Clark who had programs that could not even finish their season a few years ago.  They have been changed into teams that compete in every game they play, and place athletes like Gordon Kohles in All-Star games  and  All- League teams in Football. Or Jonathon Profit winning bout that won the match over higher ranked opponents in Wrestling.  Tom Montalbano , in his first year as Bowling Coach, brought his Football background to that sport and had opponent Coaches talk to him after a match and tell him how "tough" his team was. Because he knew if his team was close he had Meghan Pulido there to get the win.  Sean Gaffney reminding the audience about how the #15 Lady Bucs  went in to # 2 Wallington and came out with a first round victory. He talked about how Deanna Brugger would tirelessly defend her side of the court while Casey Murphy would end the opponents season from long range.  A smile was brought Softball Coach Brad DiRupo face as he told of how Kara Woegens accounted for half the teams runs with just two swings of the bat.  When Boys Basketball  Coach Jay Mahoney  talked about his team in was easy for him to say how the team had made it into the Bergen County  Jamboree, or that Bogota has qualified for the State Tournament in 32 consecutive years. How Liam Geraghty had set a new school record in three point scoring.  But Coach Mahoney took time to talk about a a young Athlete a few years ago could have gone in a different direction.  But with the help of the school's administration. Ruben Acosta turned into a team leader as well as their leading scorer. Even if Coach Mahoney would not give himself any credit every one in the gym knows that if Coach Mahoney thinks a player can do something he will not give up until he has gotten the best out of that player. 
   The evening was as much as a celebration of how the spirit and pride of a small town in New Jersey  has in their student athletes, which goes beyond just wins & loses.     
   Bogota Blog NJ would like to congratulate  The Bogota High School Coaches and Staff as well as  all the student athletes on their hard work through out the year. Making not only their Parents, but the school, and  the Borough proud of their effort.

 Students, and Parents in the gym 

Superintendent Dr. Pantoliano recognizing the achievements of both the Students , and the Coaches.   
Councilman Robbins presenting a Borough Proclamation to Kelly Daley, and all the Volleyball team. 
                                    Below are just a few of the Athletes receiving their honors.
 For Bowling Meghan Pulido

 For Football Edwin Fiscal

 For Cross- County Anais Fernandez

For Softball Ashley Granguist

For Softball Emily Inserra

For  Basketball Kara Woegens

For Basketball  Casey Murphy
For Basketball Isaiah DelaCruz

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