Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Bogota Planning Board


 On Tuesday-14-February the Bogota Planning Board held their meeting for the month of February. Only one application was heard.  This was for the redevelopment of the property at 285 Orchard Terr. It is located at the corner of Orchard Terr. and W. Ft. Lee Rd.  The development Company presented a new design for the project after concerns were raise at previous Planning Board meetings.  This new design is to have one structure which will hold 4 individual housing units.  The structure will now face and be closer to W. Ft. Lee Rd.  Parking for each unit will be place behind the building and accessed from Orchard Terr. There will be spaces for two vehicles for each household.  This change will allow for the current street parking on W. Ft.Lee to remain. 
  Due to time limitations this presentation will continue at the Planning Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday -28-March. The applicate will then provide update information for Drainage, Impervious Coverage, Lighting, and Landscaping plans for the project. 
  The next Planning Board meeting will be held on Tuesday-14-March starting at 7:30p. It is scheduled to be held in the Council Chambers located on the third floor of 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ. This meeting is open to the Public.  For more information please visit: https://www.bogotaonline.org/ 

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