Sunday, September 25, 2011

Garage Sale.

      The Bogota High School Band parents  held their 'Town-Wide' Garage sale yesterday. With over 40 listed sellers participating, it was one of the larger sales the Band Parents have sponsored. All types of items where available from Children & Adult clothing to books,and furniture. Some use the opportunity to help others like the Geraghty's  using the processed to go to  a Somali relief fund. Also Trinity Church selling food & drinks to benefit their youth services fund.

Gerda Matkovich and Daniele Fede talking over some items.

Lewis Marks & Linda Lib having some fun while waiting to sell.

Cornelia Geraghty showing some clothes to Ramona.
To help Somalia Famine victims.

Rachel Pulido looking at the items at  Trinity Church.

Goods available on Beechwood Ave.

Jamilia Aziz setting out some shoes to be purchased.

 Toys& Clothes available on Maplewood Ave.

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