Monday, September 12, 2011

Vitale's Cook-out

     When management at Vitale's restaurant in Teaneck came up with an idea to have a late summer cook-out, they thought it would be just a good way show the Community that they appreciated  the support for the past 30 years. They started to make plans on what should take place, and how it should be run. A band was hired, games for both young,& old were arranged, even the idea to get a whole pig to roast happen. Then it  came to setting a date. The one day that started to be open was a Sunday, which fell on the 11th of September. For a time another date was looked for. But instead of avoiding that day, they decided to embrace the thought of doing something for the community on a day the that would mean something to the family & friends in the area. So Owner Tony Lamorte, along with Manager Sal Devero  set out to made the 1st annual Vitale's BBQ not only a thank-you to the community, but a way to show that lost friends are still remembered, and to honour all who put their lives on the line to help others.
    Retired Safety workers from all fields were invited to enjoy a good time, and to let them know the work they have done is always remembered.  Family, and friends gather at a familiar spot to relax and enjoy each others company. Just a chance to talk football and catch-up on one another lives.  Kids to show off, hairlines to be made fun of.  Food was eaten, drinks consumed, and story told. All along the spirit that helps made a group of people a Community. Then a time came when a larger purpose presented itself.   A moment  of silence was  observed , then the name of local citizens that were lost was read. This was followed by the singing of the Nation Anthem. So a party that was only just supposed to be a small thank-you to the area, turned into an event that celebrates community.
    It is planned to make this a new annual tradition for Vitale's and for their neighbors near and far

Diana & Jessie Florczyk  taking turns at the dunk tank. 

Tony Teresi getting wet.

Owner Tony Lamorte braving the dunk tank.

Nicole Bernabeo getting her face painted.

The band Wildflower  providing the music.

Thomas Lamorte under the watchful eye of Mr. Lamorte.

Other games being played.

Sal Devero leading a moment of silence.

Singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Gathering of friends to enjoy each other company. 

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