Saturday, September 10, 2011

Return Of Bogota Football (Game 1)

     The return of the Bogota Bucs football team's to game play did not have to story-book ending that the fans ,and players might have hoped for. The Bucs, after having to end last season in mid schedule, brought a young team wanting to prove themselves from the start.  They opened their 2011 season at Fiegel Field, in Bogota, against the Emerson Cavaliers
     Unfortunately the home side went down to defeat ,in overtime, 13-19. The game had a number of lead changes, with Emerson jumping out to a 6-0 lead before a Darko Iliev field goal cut the lead in half before the end of the Second Quarter. Rey Pella scored on a 25-yd run to give Bogota the lead, which was extended to seven points after another Iliev Field Goal . Emerson tied the game late in the last Quarter to force the Overtime.
   Bogota could not score on it's turn in the overtime , then Emerson won the game on a third down play. A touch loss in front of a large home crowd, but at least a football game that might not have happen from the way last season ended.
 Bogota defense stopping a run.

#3 Gordon Kohles

Darko Iliev  Field Goal

Rey Pella running for a touch down.

#17 Christian Perpepaj

#13 Rey Pella

#21 Edwin Fiscal 

Gordon Kohles & Coach DeStefano

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