Sunday, September 4, 2011

Parents of Bogota Football Dinner


    The Parents of Bogota Football held their annual kick-off dinner at the 101 Pub last night. Again the parents, supporters ,and coaches of the Bogota High School Football team gave out to show the pride in the team ,and to have a good time. Money raised from the admission ,and the "Tricky Tray" raffle is goes to help with the cost of the Football program.

The Festivities at the 101 Pub.

Some of the items of the raffle.

Lisa Pella (r) Helping Rey & Tara Pella buy Raffle tickets.

Maureen Miller (L) & Anais Lyons looking at the prizes.

Kim Kesclcka  choosing which prize to pick.  

Karen Rogers (L) & Raquel Jara- Leon  chatting.

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