Monday, October 3, 2011

Blessing of the Animals

    Trinity Lutheran Church of Bogota, had their first "Blessing of the Animals" service this past Sunday.  A number of people brought their pets to be blessed by Pastor Peter Olsen in the court yard of of the Church. A small variety of animals took part including Dogs, Cats, and Guinea Pigs. Pastor Olsen blessed each pet individually, then a collected blessing for all who had not the chance to attend.
   After the service many of the animals ,and their human friends saw an animal show by NJ Batman Joe D'Angeli who brought a different selection of animals from the Wildlife life Conservation& Education Center of Ridgefield Park,NJ. Some of Mr. D'Angeli animals include a Tarantula, A spiny Tortoise, a Albino Boa Constrictor,along with a pair of Flying Foxes(Fruit Bats) which Children & Adults got a chance to feed.

Harvey Murphy With Hondo

Linda, John , Analisa & Anadella  Martino with Jake.

Emi Grasso with Pig

Andrea Maclin with Louie

Meghan Pulito holding Rufus

 Joe D'Angeli show an Albino Constrictor 

Pastor Peter Olsen getting a chance to pet a  Sugar Glider.

Eliana Umana feeding one of the Fruit Bats.

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