Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Drug Abuse Presentation

   It was supposed to be an open discussions with Parents about how to spot the warning signs that a child may be abusing controlled substances. However when just one couple showed up ( from Ridgefield Park) it became a talk between the High School Counselors, and Nick Connolly of the ICCDAA on how to get Parents more involved with their children's lives.
   Points  brought -up were the anger, sadness, & frustration  that more (any) parents did not show-up. But it was also mentioned that some students will actually listen to adults if given a chance. The question of how to let Parents know ( and fine out how to) that it alright for a Parent to be an Adult to help guide their kids to make the right decisions in life. As well as being a friend so their children will feel comfortable tell ask question about life, and listen to advice they might have to help.

 Mary & Nick from Ridgefield Park talking to Nick Connolly

 Counselors Karolyn Misa , Patrica Petrosino, & Tara Amanna

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