Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bat Show

 On Thursday 26-July the Bogota Public Library had Joseph D'Angeli of the Wildlife Conservation & Education Center of Ridgefield Park, present a show about bats. This is in cooperation with the Library's "Dream big & read" summer program. The presentation started with Nikki Spiegel reading the book "Bats in the Library" then she introduced Mr. D'Angeli to the audience gathered. He talked to both the children & adults about the misconception that surrounds the idea of bats. He said there are about 1,300 types of bats in the world, which makes them the largest species of mammals on Earth. Also that any bat will not try and get tangled in a person's hair, and that no bats are know to attack people. He did say that there is such a thing as a Vampire Bat, but it is a small type of bat which lives in South America, and licks blood off of some animals to survive.  Mr. D'Angeli had a slide show of some of the different types of bats in the World. From large fruit bats, which could have a wing span of 5 to 6 feet. To a " Bumble Bee" bat which can fit in a teaspoon. 
  Another part of the program was devoted to the educated the public on a disease called " White Nose Syndrome"  which is killing off a large number of local bats. With a lesser number of bat the area the bug , and mosquito population can grow unchecked, which will be harmful to crops, and allow mosquito borne disease to spread to human. While there is no known cure for WNS, it is the of Wildlife Conservation & Education Center of Ridgefield Park, and other to bring the plight of these bat to the public ,in order to help protect bats and their habitat.
  Final the highlight of the show was the chance to see two live fruit bats, Louie, and Caesar from Wildlife Conservation & Education Center. For their safety the bats stayed in their cage, but with a clear panel on two sides the audience had a chancre to see them. A couple of children got to feed the bat pieces of melon, but not  much more because this was the last show of the day  and " we are just running out of food" explained Mr. D'Angeli. As the children left the room they were able to get a closer look at the fruit bats, and asked some more question. On the way out every one was given a card to visit  Wildlife Conservation & Education Center  Located at 15 Mt. Vernon St in Ridgefield Park. Or for more information it's website at

Nikki Spiegel reading a "batty" book from the Library

Joseph D'Angeli talking about bats.

Fruit bats Louis & Cesar

Mr. D'Angeli talking with his bats.

Louis & Cesar getting ready to go home. 

Dolak (L) asking Joseph D'Angeli some questions

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