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Uniform Survey

14-July- 2012
  Over the past school year Bogota Blog NJ has asked Students & Parents about the uniform dress code that was started in the High School beginning in Sept. of 2011. This was not a scientific survey, just asking opinions of some of the residents of the Borough. Some people answered a questionnaire that was given out,  while other just talked face to face. The following article is a summary of what was reveled to Bogota Blog NJ.

   Thoughts about the Bogota High School uniform dress code, one year later.
  In the Summer of 2011 the students, and parents of Bogota High School  had a new reality to deal with. All students who attended Bogota Jr./ Sr. High School had to wear a uniform in order to attend class. Yellow shirts for 7th & 8th grade students, Black, Purple or Gray for those 9th grade and higher. Bogota Blog NJ distributed  a questionnaire to both students & parents for their opinion about the the dress code. Also at many of the events in town both parties were asked their in an informal manner. With the uniform policy now extended to both Steen, and Bixby school, Bogota Blog NJ would like to share so of the finding from the past year. 
  Coming as no surprise a large majority of the parents approved of the new dress code. 
For most it was a way to make the task of getting ready for the up-coming school year, as well as , the day to day preparation a bit easier, and smoother. A sense that the students could now have a chance to focus more on the academic part of a school day uniform dress code for the students was that it may help remind them that their “job”  for the next several years was that of being a student. To let them have a chance to be more focus in class without the added presser of outside distractions. Along with this idea was a hope that with students in a uniform off school ground there may be less of a chance for mischief to occur if  people were more identifiable. Police records show noticeable  difference in off campus behavior one way, or the other. One police detective noted that some classes are just better then others, and on a whole the student population of the High School have acted in a reasonable way for teenagers from Bogota. For the most part the parents are happy with a policy, and would like it to continue. 
  Only a few changes have been mentioned. One being that now the Faculty, and some staff be given a dress standard to follow as well. If one part of the uniform code is to show students responsibility for their appearance, then the Faculty have a standard to follow will reinforce that point even more. Another item brought up was the fact a hooded sweatshirts were available for purchase, but hooded items were not allowed by code. A idea was to allow the current sweatshirt, but with the hood down while on campus, or get a type a sweatshirt with no hood. 
  As for the Students the opinion went from total hatred for the entire policy to acceptance of the situation and making the best of it. Some did admit that the mornings have become a little easier when the task was to find the clean shirt ,or pants, instead of pick-out an entire outfit. The limited choices seemed to be an issue with most with little room to adapt to climate changes. The sweatshirt situation in the winter, and the fact a knitted shirt is need to to worm in the warmer months.Other students noted that the population of the High School is a close knit community of kids, and this is yet another way that came be part of the whole, while still letting their personality speak for themselves.
  Some parents had a few question about the carrying out of the policy itself. A little more transparence about the choice of vendor was asked for. And were their other choices in supplier considered. The fact that the store was in West New York, with very little parking available sometime added to the cost of the uniforms, by having to pay parking tickets and other fines. 
  Not every change can be perfect in it’s first year, but most of the Parents, with some Students approving of the dress code at this time. Ideally Students, and Parents can have a voice in any modification  of the policy when needed in order to keep Bogota High School as the asset it is to the Borough.
   Bogota Blog NJ would like to thank every one who took time to respond to the questionnaire, or answered in person. Bogota Blog NJ would also like to thanked the Bogota Police dept. for their help in sharing some information that used in this survey. All material in this article is copyrighted to Mazzway Photos LLC and may not be used without written permission. 

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