Saturday, July 7, 2012

Images for sale


   Bogota Blog NJ is happy to announce  that there will be a select number of images for sale. These will come from what has been post on the blog, as well as other that have not be published before. A new set will be made available at the end of each month. Previous month will also be added as time permits. Anyone interested in view the images can click on the "Bogota Blog NJ Images" link on the right side of the page.  Or typing in , this will get you to the main image page, then select the moth you want. The image  will be able to place on personalized  items through Zazzle. I hope this will be a convenient  way for every one who would like a copy of some of the images of life around Bogota. If there an image that is not available please contact me through the web site, and I will try to make it available. I hope they will be enjoyed by everyone.

Some photos available on Bogota Blog NJ Images

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